Thursday, 2 April 2009

One Night in Bangkok

Hi everyone, thanks again for your prayers and keeping me in your hearts. I was able to have my first video conference with my Pastor back in New England via Skype! Accountability is very important to me and being able to talk and fellowship with those who are shepherding me is critical in missions. Next month we are planning to have a live Skype conference with my entire church in the morning service. This technology is wonderful and I think it will serve to better bring home the realities of mission life and help to prevent missionaries from becoming a forgotten face on the "missions wall" in church. I think the saints are benefited when they can see and experience how their prayers and support are actually working! Please pray for me regarding a few things...tomorrow I will be spending the day with a pastor here in the Bangkok area who's name is Ohm. He is going introduce me to his lawyer regarding a church work visa that may allow me to stay in the country indefinitely. Also, I will be looking at more suitable long term housing while I am studying the Thai Language. The last thing is the language acquisition itself. Please pray that the Lord will grant me extra ordinary gifts and abilities to really make this as short as possible. I included a is of the sun setting over Bangkok! If you click on the photo it will expand to full screen so that you an see it better. God Bless you all! In His Majesty's Service,


  1. Hey Mark,

    That's a great picture. What a huge difference between the country life in New Hampshire! And I thought traffic on 93 was bad. Ha!

    I hope that they can and will be recording the skype session like they would the audio from a guest speaker. I'd love to have the opportunity to listen in myself.

    If you didn't mind me suggesting it and had the time, I think that it would be awesome if you added a post series (weekly, bi-weekly or something) to your blog in which you taught your readers some of the words and phrases that you were learning. Nothing complicated, mind you. At a minimum, just "blah-blah", pronounced "blaaa blaaa", means something-something. That kind of thing. And if there were any cultural significance to the word/phrase then it'd be that much more intriguing!

    Anyway, just a thought, as it would help wrap our American heads better around the culture you're ministering too.

    Looking forward to the next post!

  2. BTW, I'm loving the post titles. You have a knack, sir

  3. The picture reminds me of NYC - traffic, scenery and all. I remember when I first arrived in NYC and was driving in traffic similar to your picture. My friend in the passenger side says to me "this isn't bad traffic, at least its moving". It was crawling, people were cutting in front of each other all over the place and I was driving a stick. I couldn't believe it! This was just the beginning of my new life.

    Your digital camera should have a movie option and you can take little films of yourself pointing and teaching us new words in Thai!! That would be great!! I would love to see a picture of the food too.

    Love You and Praying for You!! I found some great old pictures of my beginning ministry days, I will post them soon. You've inspired me. I miss it.

  4. LOL...I thought you might appreciate that! I will give the language idea some thought. I was also thinking of writing some of the things the Lord has providentially been burdening my heart with, such as "cheap grace". But in keeping with your phrase "american heads", it would be a good idea to explain why I think they things the Lord is teaching me are particularly pertinent to Asia and the "asian heads" here. Jesus said, "feed my sheep" and that is packed with meaning far beyond its simple interpretation. The shepherds are always failing worst here. We think that we are doing the work of "feeding" by our bible teaching? Then what does the scripture mean when it says, "The Holy Spirit...He will teach you all things" and again it says, "these things God has revealed to us through His Spirit"? Does God want us to feed His sheep or does He want His Spirit to feed His sheep? Or, does God want human teachers to be so yielded, so walking in the Spirit, that they themselves become the instruments of God's feeding? Here is the crucible. Here is the fulcrum point of sanctification. The Church is lightless and cold, because it's shepherds are teaching "their own way".